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Corporate Comedy Testimonials

Scott Moyer, Strategic Client Executive, USEReady

“Mike with Colecuts really livened up our one day seminar.  Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I inject some humor and energy into this event?”  Well this is your guy.  He plays the role of a corporate exec to a “T”.  In fact most people in the room thought he was an executive they hadn’t met before and after 5 minutes everyone was rolling.  Colecuts delivers well timed business humor and creates great transitions between major parts of the seminar.  

I will definitely use him again.” 

Data Analytics Leader, Large Bank

“Mike’s opening act really warmed up the room before an intense day of learning.  He appeared four times throughout the morning and provided comic relief that helped the audience reset for each new topic, and his content was customized for the data analysts.” 

Peter Wertheimer, Global Account Manager, Alteryx, Inc.

"Mike was hilarious and a great addition to our Corporate Data Analytics event.  He presented himself as a serous part of the event to start and launched right into his comedic act which made it much more enjoyable as he took the audience by surprise.  He was great in tailoring his act to the topic at hand (data analytics) and weaving in his customized material.  I would definitely recommend him and use him again."

Gordon's of Gloucester

Hysterical. Not only did we love his produced video, his on-stage performance left us in awe.

NTB Northeast Convention

"For a group of tire retailers, we weren't expecting such a fantastic show that this guy (Mike) put on. 

His jokes, imitations and songs were spot on. Great fun and laughs for all who attended."

Stop & Shop

Michael's customized songs left the crowd yelling for more. He was the perfect addition for our yearly event. Great stuff!

Michael Holcomb, Senior Customer Success Mgr. Tableau

“Mike did a handful of short 3-minute acts that provided great comic relief to our event.  His act was non-offensive, something that’s hard for comedians to pull off, and he customized his content for our technical audience.  I really liked his bit on acronyms, every industry has their own language and he understood ours .” 

Andy Vadul, CTO USEReady

"Colecuts was a great addition to our data analytics event. Mike played the role of a 'corporate numbskull' and customized musical parodies for a mostly technical audience. It was a terrific way to lighten up our day."

Rick Tacelli, Tableau

"I've used Mike (ColeCuts) for  two separate corporate events. 

The first, he came in as a corporate imposter and rocked the house. 

The second, not only did he leave them laughing, he provided clean, non-offensive comedy.

Sullivan Tire

Mike was the perfect host for our Christmas party. He left the room paralysed with laughter when he wore his "attire" outfit.

Barry & Elliot, Jordan's Furniture

Everything that Michael touches turns to gold. Aside from doing our commercials, he also played a corporate imposter for our annual employee function. Laughs galore!