Dan Mason, President CBS Radio - Chairman, Broadcasters Foundation of America


"Yours is the best work in the entire country, Michael.  Your radio promos, commercials and collages take on a life of their own." 

Brian Thomas, Pgm. Dir. WCBS FM, New York


"Excellent. Very Funny and innovative. We love these promos."

Keith Abrams, Radio Consultant


"Your song parodies are fantastic !  

 I want to use you for all my stations." 

Trip Savery,  V.P. / G.M. WQDR / WWMY / WWNF

"[These] sweepers are truly 'ear candy' ! ...they sound fabulous." 

Wall Street Journal

 "( Coleman's ) music parodies ...are a dead on match." 

Dunkin Donuts

 "We're just beside ourselves with the creative...thrilled and delighted. 
Our agency of record wasn't able to help us on this project...( ColeCuts ) came through in the clutch."

Bradley Jay, ‘Jay-Talk’ Host WBZ, Boston

“This is wild, I actually have callers requesting your bumps and rejoiners. 

I don’t think this has ever happened before. You have to come on the show to take requests. Amazing”

Karen Fahey Ad Services

 "You keep outdoing yourself with every commercial.  We love them.  The clients love them.  And above all the listeners love them." 


Boston Globe

 "The most amusing and inventive TV spots anyone has produced...
  ( Coleman is a )  creative genius."