My story is about telling your story.

          I brand people,


Sound Matters

I stand by the conviction that SOUND MATTERS,  creative, thought-provoking stories which grab the listener’s attention to inspire and motivate your next potential client to remember your business name and buy your product.


Successful Messaging

People often tune out  radio commercials because they are predictable and boring, repeating the same phrases.   I create ads which strike an emotional chord. Ads people look forward to hearing and remember.  Ads which make you money.


Michael Coleman, "Audio Optometrist" is ColeCuts. Helping the listener see better with their ears.

I’m in the persuasion business.  My strength and passion are creating compelling stories which become commercials, station promotions and podcasts / blogs.  These stories entertain and guide the audience to act on your message. The end result?    Your business wins.